Mary Greene


Website: www.marygreene.co.uk
York Clinic website: www.yorkclinic.com

Alexander Training and work

I started having Alexander Technique lessons to experience what had been highly recommended by friends. I felt light and energised by these initial lessons and continued having regular lessons over many years. I was fascinated by this life changing Technique.

In 2004 I trained to become an Alexander teacher at Cumbria Alexander Training School in Kendal in the beautiful Lake District. This training helped me to understand how a blinkered focus on achieving goals, no matter what the cost, could be deeply damaging to energy, causing strain in

thinking and actions, over-tense reactions and poor health. The recognition that I could become more effective by attending to the process of achieving goals, with Alexander’s emphasis on inhibition and direction, has enriched my life and teaching practice.

Special interests:

My special interests are in creative movement, vocal expression, and painting/printmaking. I currently study authentic voice and movement work with virtuoso musician Gilles Petit.
My paintings and fine art prints are based on the experience of making sound with my voice, exploring how a strong connection to earth and an aspiration to go beyond earthly limitations, can manifest as vibrant, energetic sound. These interests enrich my Alexander teaching practice.

Other interests:

I enjoy hill walking and gardening, cycling and dancing and I love spending time with my grandchildren.

Work history

Since 2010: York Alexander Technique School (YATS) for trainee Alexander teachers;
Since 2008: York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare, and a private practice in Heslington;
2010- 2014 York Medical School teaching medical students on their Student-Selected-Components Programme.
2008-2013: University of York Music dept.
Since 2007: Introductory Alexander workshops and classes in the community; also ‘themed’ workshops for Gardeners, Computer workers, Parents of young children, and Yoga practitioners.
From 2011-2013: participating teacher in the ATLAS neck pain trial, set up by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York

CPD has included

Regular attendance at STAT conferences, which includes CPD workshops;
Guildhall School of Music and Drama International conference for Alexander teachers;
Regular attendance at a wide variety of CPD workshops run by: Malcolm Balk, Alex Farkas, Dorothea Magonet, Misha Magadov, Avi Granit, Miranda Tufnell and Joan Diamond;
Regular exchange work with teachers at YATS and in Hebden Bridge;
2012 and 2013: The Performing Self workshops for Dancers, Instrumentalists and Singers;
2011 and 2013: Eyebody (Art of integrating Eye, Brain and Body) retreats with Peter Grunwald;
2007: Exploring Singing and the Alexander Technique: 7 day residential at Smaulsong, Islay;
Since 2000: Voicework with Gilles Petit on his ‘Living Sound’ workshops in UK and France.

Other training and work history

1991-1994 BA Fine Art Painting/Mixed Media Installations at Sheffield Hallam University.
1999 -2001 Printmaking Modules: BA(fine art), St. John’s College, York.
Since 1995 exhibiting and selling my paintings, and fine art prints from my York based studio;
1996-2006: Artist in Residence placements at museums and schools in North Yorkshire;
1996 -2006: Art and craft teaching at Brunswick Organic Nursery and Craft Workshop, a project for adults with learning difficulties.
1994-1996: working with ‘Kari Furre Figures’, casting figures for International museums.