We can live much more of our potential in any activity. In Alexander Technique lessons we become aware of harmful habits of over-doing and are guided back to our in-built balance and ease on all levels of our being. Instead of leaning, holding or pushing, we in this way re-establish the flow in ourselves.


Lena Schibel-Mason; Co Head of Training


Alexander Technique Background


  • Trained with Yehuda Kupermann 1979-1982 in Freiburg/Basel.
  • Has worked full time with the technique since 1991 (mainly in York; also in Leeds, Beverley, Scarborough, Kirkbymoorside).
  • 12 years as co-worker in the Leeds training school NET CAT (Head of training: Margaret Rakusen).
  • 3 years with actors of East 15 (Sheriff Hutton) & 2 years with dancers (Hull University, Scarborough).
  • 12 years with musicians (Music Department York University).
  • Many years with riders, coached by and co-working with Sally Tottle.

Continuous Development

  • Guest teaching on the Zayt training course in Freiburg.
  • 16 years of termly weekends of collegial exchange led by Joan Diamond in Kendal.
  • Local and regional exchange for many years.
  • Weekly exchange with co-workers at YATS since 2003.
  • Visiting other UK and German training courses & Regular lessons in Freiburg, Germany.
  • Eutokia course with Ilana Machover Summer 2010.

Other background

  • State school teaching in Germany.
  • Co worker at Centre for Transpersonal Psychotherapy near Freiburg.
  • Training in Person Centred Counselling (Carl Rogers) 1974-1977 and 2005-2010.

Professional Development

  • Teaching 7 years at Steiner Schools in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) and York.
  • Training in Stuttgart for teaching at Waldorf / Rudolf Steiner Schools.



Pam Mason; Co Head of Training


Alexander Technique Background


I trained in Leeds with Maggie Rakussen from 1991 - 1994.

I then set up my teaching practice in York and for a while also in Selby,Wakefield and Hull. I also continued to work part time at Brunswick Organic Nursery, a horticultural project for adults with learning difficulties.

I gave lessons to small groups and individuals at Hull University music department 1998 - 2000.

I taught adult education classes In York for 15 years and gave many introductory workshops and talks.

I was an assistant teacher at the York training course from 2003 and became co head of training in 2013.


CPD over the years has included


Regular weekend workshops for teachers with Joan Diamond, three times a year for 15 years.

Regular attendance at STAT conferences, including CPD workshops.

International Congresses at Freiburg and Oxford.

A variety of workshops with other teachers, including Erica Whittaker and Elisabeth Walker.

Working with visiting teachers to YATS: Malcolm Balk, Alex Farkas, Dorothea Magonet.

Regular attendance at Eyebody (Art of integrating Eye, Brain and Body) retreats and private lessons with Peter Grunwald since 2000.

Voice work (Living Sound) with Gilles Petit since 2001.

I was recently a participating teacher In the ATLAS neck pain trial, set up by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.


Before my training

I studied classics at Oxford University.

While bringing up my two children, I began to work in horticulture and in 1990 began the process of helping to set up a horticultural project for adults with learning difficulties (Brunswick Organic Nursery). I was involved in this until my "retirement" in 2007 ( and am still involved occasionally).

I had my first Alexander lessons while at University, wishing to improve my posture and started them again ten years later to help me prevent damaging my body with sometimes heavy manual work. I continued to have them throughout my training.


Special interests (enthusiasms)

Growing flowers and vegetables

Playing tennis


Playing piano, clarinet and singing

Walking in beautiful places